About Counselling and Psychotherapy

My theoretical training and approach is Psychodynamic and I work from this perspective. One way to consider this is as follows:

Imagine the house that you live in. Your house needs firm, solid foundations in order to stand strongly and endure time and to provide the safe, containing environment you need to survive. Without this strong foundation, cracks in the structure would eventually appear, weakening the stability of your home, perhaps making it feel unsafe, and probably necessitating remedial work. 

Just as a house needs strong foundations, so too, do human beings. The experience of our early years provides the foundation upon which our personality is structured and within which our self esteem and self worth grows. How our needs were, or were not met, at this time will have an impact on our developing personalities, our sense of self, and our way of relating to others throughout our lives. 

Whilst there are aspects of our makeup we cannot change;  it is possible to change how we may have been unconsciously influenced by our early experiences.  These ‘invisible cracks’ in our ‘structure’ can begin to cause us problems in all sorts of ways......... 

For instance, our early relationships form a kind of blueprint for those relationships that follow, and we can find ourselves unconsciously repeating patterns of relating in a way which is not helpful to us. By exploring these early patterns of relating in therapy, and becoming more conscious of these,  a choice can be made regarding change.

From early life we will also adapt strategies to protect ourselves against painful feelings and situations. This, too,  is largely an unconscious process which can be explored in therapy, giving the opportunity to reassess and review, what is still needed, and what is now outdated and affecting us in an unhelpful way. 

Therefore working psychodynamically means that as well as exploring what is happening in your current life situation, it will also be helpful to look at the past. Consideration will also be given to the developing therapeutic relationship which can be a valuable aid in understanding other relationships in the your life.